Why is there an increase in SUV demand over Sedan?
Why is there an increase in SUV demand over Sedan?

Why is there an increase in SUV demand over Sedan?

September 14, 2020

In recent years, we all have noticed a major and a trending change in the Automobile Industry and that is the increase in demand for SUVs over Sedans and the numbers tend to be increasing with time. Yes, the choice varies from person to person but the choice changes if there are some strong reasons to change someone’s mind. Here we will read about the most probable reasons for this change.

First, let’s have an overlook of the body designs. A sedan appears like it has three different compartments; one for the engine, second is the cabin and third is the boot space. An SUV on the other hand has two compartments where the first one is for the engine and the second one is the cabin and also comprises the boot space in the rear section. The roof extends completely till the end and there is a vertical tailgate at the end. It has relatively higher ground clearance, a higher seating position, and a larger suspension travel.

Here are the reasons for the increase in SUV demand over sedans:

  • Practicality: The SUVs are considered more practical because we can squeeze in more luggage. Moreover, there can be a third row for seating two or three more people which increases the seating capacity
  • Ride Height: As the ride height of SUVs are higher, it gives a proper view of what’s out on the road and also in some cases makes getting in and out of the car easier.
  • Safety: Due to the added weight and sturdiness of the body, SUVs are considered safe. Though it’s not the same in every case but still SUVs have a better chance to withstand crashes and even score well in crash tests. 
  • Comfort: Usually, the suspension setup is on the softer side, and also, the suspension travel is long which helps in increasing the comfort.
  • Variety: Today, we can find SUVs in almost every price range. There are sub 4 meter SUVs, compact SUVs, mid-size SUVs, and full-size SUVs. They can be available in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and even 9 seat configurations. They are available as FWD, RWD, AWD, and 4WD. Also, there are SUVs of different body styles as well, for example, coupe SUVs.
  • Road Presence: The muscular and macho looks of most of the SUVs help them stand out. The raised height gives a good road presence which attracts the buyers. 
  • Off-road Capability: Larger tire size & rubber section and long suspension travel help the Sport Utility Vehicles during off-road adventures. The ‘go-anywhere nature’ really helps. But it’s better if the SUV you take off-road drives all the four wheels so that you don’t get stuck in the dirt & mud.

So, these are the key points because of which the SUVs are becoming so popular among the buyers out there in the market. Yes, you don’t get that sense of elegance and agility of a sedan and in fact, there are some sedans with better and composed ride quality but the increased practicality, much more noticeable road presence, and other factors, SUVs are having a good time in the market. Moreover, if you have a strong budget, then you can even buy performance SUVs if you want to go fast around corners with minimal body roll and increased high-speed stability. Other than that, it is all about choice because still, there are some buyers who will prefer sedans over SUVs any day.

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