Best Solution for Tyre Puncture
Best Solution for Tyre Puncture

Best Solution for Tyre Puncture

August 2, 2022

When was the last time you looked at your tire condition? Can`t recall? I am not blaming you for this; this is something which I also take for granted. Tyre are very unique and is prone to a variety of issues if you do not take the necessary steps for their maintenance. We understand the importance of tire maintenance only when we suffer a puncture. Ironically enough, we suffer a flat tyre only when it can get really inconvenient, like while running late for an important meeting, in rain or bad weather. There are a lot of inconvenient situations that all of us surely would have experienced at least once in our lives.

Now, a flat tyre might be extremely inconvenient and frustrating, & if you end up driving on one, you might damage your rims too. That can definitely lead to you spoiling the whole axle and suspension setup. Don’t worry all of this was a joke because I am sure you won’t be driving around on one.

You might have one doubt in your mind, how can we prevent puncture because that is not entirely in our hands? But if I tell you that you can drive your vehicle to your destination or at a place where you can fix the tyre without leading to any damage to the vehicle? Do you believe me or not?

Yes, This is possible but how? So Today I am gonna give you a solution for this problem.

Have you heard about Tyre Sealants? If Yes, then you know my hack. But you still can read this article for more information & suggestions listed below.

If No, then let me tell you, my friend, tyre sealant is a temporary roadside repair that will allow you to get to a location where the tyre can be replaced.

How Tyre Sealant Works:

Once installed, the sealant forms a protective layer inside the tyre. When a puncture occurs, the internal pressure of the tyre instantly pushes the sealant into the cavity. The special fibres and mica particles accumulate and bond to the rubber in the cavity. A solid rubber plug is formed through the full depth of the puncture hole. This forms a more secure and superior repair than a traditional plug that is inserted from the outside of the tyre. Tyre sealants are a handy way to keep a tyre running when it has picked up a puncture.

Tyre sealant is still a relatively unknown substance. Before getting back on the road, make sure the sealant is placed through the valve of the damaged tyre to repair the hole.

How To Install:


  1. Shake the tyre Sealant bottle well.
  2. Insert the injection house into the valve.
  3. Hold the bottom of the bottle right, and fill the sealant into the tyre.
  4. Connect the compressor hose to the tyre valve, and fill the tyre pressure.

However, sealants as useful as they come with problems like every other product on this planet. So here we explain the benefits and problems that a sealant repair can cause.


  • Seals up to 6mm punctures
  • Saves Fuel consumption up to 5 %
  • Extends Tyre life up to 30%
  • Reduce tyre overheating


  • It’s not a permanent fix.
  • It might damage the sensors if not installed properly.


Here is the list of tyre sealants available on Amazon:

I personally use the following sealant for my car. Till now I haven’t faced any problem and it helped me a lot during my long Himalaya journey:

Slime 10011 16 oz Tire Sealant (Green)

Thank you so much for your patience and let me know if you have any feedback and suggestions for us. Have a nice day!


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