The Substantial Effects of Vehicle Idling!
The Substantial Effects of Vehicle Idling!

The Substantial Effects of Vehicle Idling!

September 9, 2020

We often leave our car running whenever we take a quick run to the store to run some errands. It may not have an immediate impact on the performance of the car, but your engine may gradually start lacking in picking up the grunt. The process, in which the engine of a car is running while the vehicle, in accordance with it, is not in motion, is known as Vehicle Idling.

Car Idling may take place in a traffic jam, at a red light, sometimes in a parking lot, or even at a drive-thru. This turns out to have a negative effect on the drivability of your car. Here are some facts to justify how idling takes a heavy toll on the performance of your car:

1) Idling Results in High Consumption of Fuel – Many believe that if they restart their vehicle after switching it off for a short period of time, it would consume more fuel than if they keep it running. This is not totally true. Reports have suggested that an idling car will use more fuel than the latter in, let’s say, 12 seconds.

2) More CO2 is Exhausted Out – Idling may lead to higher emission of carbon dioxide as your engine keeps on running and consuming more fuel as required. As more and more fuel is burnt, your car gradually keeps on producing harmful gases in a large amount.  

3) Idling in Winter is a Myth – Today, with the advancement in technology and the invention of the computer regulated engines, we don’t have to let the engine of our car run for more than 2-3 minutes during the winter mornings. It is a practice that was mostly done in the older days. Now, our focus is mostly on reducing any harm on the refined engines. Driving your car to warm up the engine is more effective than idling.

4) It Results in Corrosion of The Exhaust System – It is known that, as a vehicle idles, water present in the exhaust system, as a byproduct of the combustion process, is allowed to condense within. This results in the infiltration of water in the entire exhaust, thereby causing corrosion.

Vehicle Idling can be controlled and prevented if we decide to initiate taking minor steps like switching the engine off at red lights, parking areas, traffic jams, etc. There is a need to turn down the level of idling as more and more fuel is being used up and a lot more gases are being exerted in return. This is taking a heavy toll on the conditions of the environment. Moreover, the natural resources are depleting at a fast pace. Preventing idling will also save you more money; which is being utilized to buy more fuel for your vehicle as a result of this phase. 

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