Short Throw Shifter is a Go-Go!!
Short Throw Shifter is a Go-Go!!

Short Throw Shifter is a Go-Go!!

February 10, 2021

One of the most enticing experiences of the world is punching-in the gears of an automobile to sense that satisfying raw acceleration! However, manual transmission might be tricky for some beginners to get their hands on, but once you get a kick of it, there’s no turning back. But wait, there’s more! A more ‘Jilly Jolly Crack-a-Lackingly Childishly Folly’ experience can, and is thoroughly enjoyed with a different stick shift called a Short Throw Shifter!

As the name suggests, it’s Short, you can Throw it at a higher or a lower gear, and (wait for it)… it’s a Shifter! But it doesn’t mean it’s the same as operating a normal shifter. Also, cutting off your regular gear stick won’t turn it into a short throw shifter (duh!).

What is a Short Throw Shifter?

Firstly, it is the least expensive modification you can install in your car, and further, have a sheer driving experience with! To elaborate, this is a type of stick shift that reduces the lengths of your shifts for an even better driving pleasure. The difference between a regular gear shift and a short throw shifter is in the pivot point

The length of the shaft that is attached to the gear stick is short. This implies that the shifting angle is different at the pivot point. Although the bottom side of the shifter travels the same distance, your hand (or your arm) tends to move a lesser distance shifting a short throw shifter than the normal one.

Benefits of a Short Throw Shifter

The reason why this kind of shifter is installed in most of the sports cars is because it gives a sporty and sturdy feel. In addition to this, you get to feel a sense of precision operating the shift knob. Since the gears are short and the shifting is quick, it’ll take less time to accelerate to big numbers. Moreover, you’ll be able to keep both of your hands on the wheel much often, which is pretty useful while cruising at great speeds, or Drifting! On the contrary, shifting may require more force than usual, as the length of the stick is reduced (here comes physics!), but it can be solved by installing a heavier shift knob. 

These shifters installed with custom shift knobs provide sheer driving pleasure with immediate shifting to higher revs and low ones as well! This is a major benefit to the driver as he/she gets to fully control the speed and monitor the gear ratio, at the time of need. Once with the installation, the gear shifting becomes smooth and flawless, there will be minimal damage to the gearbox, in the end. This will further result in less wear and tear of the parts and the running life of the vehicle will increase substantially. 


It is truly said that upgrading a regular stick shift to a short throw shift really amuses the driver with its perfect, crisp, smooth, fast and non mushy-like-feel shifts. This kind of driving experience indeed boosts up the confidence of the driver and pumps him/her up to take more calculative risks while being behind the wheel. If you really want to drive a car to its full potential, and not just operate a lifeless (automatic) brick of a car, manual is the way to go

In hindsight, if manual is the preference of automotive enthusiasts and drivers (as it should be), then why not enhance the experience by upgrading to a Short Throw Shifter!

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