Rookie Racers - Boosting Bharat
Rookie Racers - Boosting Bharat

Rookie Racers – Boosting Bharat

How to become a professional motorcycle racer in india?

To become a professional motorcycle racer in India, there are several steps that racers take:

  1. Start racing at a young age: Many professional motorcycle racers begin competing in local and regional races when they are still in their teens.
  2. Join a racing club or school: Joining a racing club or school can give you access to training and resources that can help you improve your racing abilities.
  3. Participate in national level events: Participating in national level events such as Indian National Racing Championship, which is managed by FIM (Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India) and governed by the rules set by FIM, can help you gain exposure to professional teams and sponsors.
  4. Work on your fitness and strength: Professional motorcycle racing is physically demanding, so it’s important to work on your overall fitness and strength in order to be competitive.
  5. Network and find sponsorship: Sponsorship is an important aspect of becoming a professional racer. Networking with potential sponsors, such as motorcycle manufacturers, racing teams can help you secure the financial support you need to compete at a high level.

What are some motor bike racing schools in india?

Yamaha Riding Academy:

Yamaha has established a Riding Academy in India, which provides basic and advanced level training to riders of all age groups and skill levels. They have trained riders from all over the country who have gone on to compete in various levels of national racing.

Promoting Safety - Company information | Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

TVS Racing Academy: TVS Racing Academy is a one-of-a-kind racing school that provides training and resources for aspiring racers. They offer various level of training program like Novice, Intermediate and Advance level programs.

TVS Motor Company


Rajini Academy of Competitive Racing: This academy is based in Chennai and it is the first ever motorcycle racing academy in India, which provides comprehensive training for racers of all levels. The academy is headed by Rajini Krishnan, who is a renowned Indian motorcycle racer.

Rajini Academy for Competitive Racing riding school to be held on March 4,  5. | Autocar India

MSR Indimotard Racing: This racing school, is run by former Indian National Superbike champion, Immanuel John. They offer a variety of track training and racing programs to riders of all skill levels.

Honda Ten10 Racing: This Honda-run academy offers track riding and racing lessons for riders of all ages and skill levels, with Honda CBR 250R as the training bike.

How to get sponsors as a motorcycle racer?

Getting sponsors as a motorcycle racer can be challenging, but there are several strategies:

Build a racing resume: Competing in local, regional, and national races and achieving good results can help you build a racing resume that showcases your abilities and potential.

Develop a strong online presence: Having a strong online presence can help you gain exposure to potential sponsors. This includes having an up-to-date website, social media accounts, and an active blog.

Network: Networking is an important aspect of finding sponsors. Attend racing events, meet other racers and industry professionals, and make connections.

Be professional: When interacting with potential sponsors, be professional and demonstrate that you are serious about your racing career.

Be creative and make yourself stand out: be creative and think of ways to make yourself stand out from other racers. Having a unique angle, something that makes you different from others.

Be persistent: Finding sponsors can be a long and difficult process, so it’s important to be persistent. Keep reaching out to potential sponsors and following up with them regularly.

Remember that sponsors are looking for a return on investment, and will want to see that you have the talent and drive to achieve success on the track.


How much can you earn as a motorccle racer in india?

The amount of money that a motorcycle racer can earn in India can vary widely depending on a number of factors such as

  1. level of competition
  2. type of racing
  3. the racer’s success on the track.

Riders at the top level of the sport, such as those competing in the Indian National Racing Championship (INRC) series and/or in the international circuit can earn a good sum, with top riders earning as much as a few Lakhs ( 100,000 INR) to several Lakhs (500,000 INR) per year through prize money, sponsorships, and other forms of compensation.

However, for most of the riders that are at lower levels or just starting out, earning a living from racing alone can be difficult, as the prize money in these events is relatively low, and the expenses for racing such as travel, equipment and maintenance can be high.

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