How To Increase The Fuel Efficiency Of Car?
How To Increase The Fuel Efficiency Of Car?

How To Increase The Fuel Efficiency Of Car?

September 20, 2020

Buying a car is a big deal, but maintaining it to its original performance is something which is considered the most. Whether the car you buy maybe a second hand or a brand new one, it is crucial to maintain it in order to get the best of its performance. We often come around some of the most common yet important questions regarding the automotive world. One of which is:

How To Increase The Fuel Efficiency Of Your Car?

Well, it’s quite simple to do so! If your car gulps more fuel than usual and produces less performance than it used to during its dealer days, here is what you do!

Service It!

 You should maintain the habit of servicing your car regularly. Your agency or your authorized service center has already instructed you to get your vehicle serviced after a particular time period. Servicing will indeed increase the fuel efficiency of your ride. Moreover, the performance increases as well. It’s a win-win situation!

Stop Vehicle Idling!

It is clear to say that vehicle idling becomes the root cause of low engine performance and less fuel efficiency of a vehicle. Idling is when we let the car remain switched on while it itself is stationary. This results in an increment in the consumption of the fuel. It is therefore recommended to avoid vehicle idling. To know more about it, Click Here!

Avoid Overusing The Air Conditioning!

The effects of using the air conditioning on the engine can be significant. Whenever the A/C or the Heater of your car is turned on, it uses power from the engine, which in turn accounts for high consumption of fuel. Okay, using these in relatively extreme climatic conditions becomes a necessity. But we can also consider setting the temperature a degree or two higher than usual; if we talk about using the A/C. Avoid using the air conditioning when the windows are rolled down. Also, you should avoid it too during the idling of the vehicle; in case you let your car idle!

Read The Road!

If you have a good ability to read the road from a relatively larger distance while driving, you will automatically detect a pothole and further decide to brake sooner and with ease. Braking also reduces the efficiency of your vehicle as you tend to downshift and punch the throttle when you accelerate after braking. This uses the power of the engine and finally, uses more fuel. If you have a good practice of guessing the road, your vehicle has a better chance of having good efficiency!

Try To Maintain The Cruising Speed!

Yes, we all love speeding! But if you want to decrease the fuel consumption rate of your car, it is advised to not push the revs higher than you normally would. Maintaining the gear shifts as per the engine speed also increases fuel efficiency. As per physics, the higher the speed, more is the effect of wind resistance on the car. But if you still want to pursue going beyond the rev limiter, even at higher gears (because why wouldn’t you?!), you can consider the addition of various wind deflectors to reduce the effect of drag on your vehicle. This thereby will provide a good fuel efficiency of your car.

Maintain The Tire Pressure!

It is a proven fact that inflating the tires of your vehicle is a good practice to make it more fuel-efficient. A running deflated tire will make the engine work harder in pulling the vehicle further. This will result in more consumption of fuel than usual. So, the next time you plan to cruise on a motorway, don’t forget to check the tire pressure of all the four tires and the spare one too!

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