Different Types Of Automotive Racing
Different Types Of Automotive Racing

Different Types Of Automotive Racing

September 27, 2020

Auto Racing has been one of the most energizing types of sports contests we humans have ever made. The first gasoline-fueled automobiles went into auto racing in the late nineteenth century. Since then, it has unmistakably become a world-leading sport. On account of car racing, there are different sorts that draw in the interest of automotive fanatics.

Formula Racing

It is likely the most well known proficient type of auto racing. It is a kind of single-seated, wide, and open-wheeled circuit racing in which the car’s wheels are situated far outwards the body. The vehicles are specially crafted and fabricated to calibrate maximum possible performance and reliability. The races are directed in independent circuit tracks developed for this racing.

GT Racing

Grand Touring racing is the most widely recognized type of sports car racing. It is discovered everywhere around the world, in both worldwide and national race series. GT racing typically involves a type of circuit in which the cars have two seats and enclosed wheels. These cars are fabricated and identified with their street-going models. These races are generally endurance races that are run over enormous distances. They mainly emphasize on the unwavering quality and productivity of the vehicles along with their speed.


NASCAR, America’s favored type of auto racing rose to fame in the mid 20th century. It originated back in the 1920s when moonshine runners required an approach to surpass the cops. To do as such, they made alterations to their vehicles while keeping up their car’s “stock” appearance. This gradually turned into national races. Famous generally in the United States, NASCAR utilizes stock vehicles that are modified particularly for racing. It is typically done in oval tracks, in which the races are stretched as far as possible over enormous measures of laps.

Drag Racing

It is one of the most primitive types of automotive racing. Drag racing is done in a straight line on roads or tracks which involves the famous trick called Dragging. Vehicles included can extend from normal automobiles to the deliberately assembled hot rods. The main aim of this race is to accelerate as quickly as conceivable to beat the opponents. Drag Racing is organized on a short yet straight track, by and large in 200 meters or 400 meters.


Rallying is one of the most difficult auto sports ever invented. It includes production-based vehicles that are led on shut down open streets or rough terrain territories with changing street widths, territory, or climate conditions. The courses are either composed of gravel, tarmac, or ice. Races are run in accordance with the point system. Racers score particular points with respect to their driving skills around the track.

One-Make Racing

One-Make Racing is a special type of Sports Car Racing in which the same types of cars of a single automotive brand are run in the competition. This race is mostly put to evaluate and check the driver’s skills as all the cars in it run on the same engines, tires, and chassis. It is similar to GT Racing and is mostly suitable for beginner and amateur racers.

Monster Truck Racing

Monster Truck Racing is one of the most famous motorsports around the world. People witness heavy and big trucks in a major dusty pit brimming with scrapped vehicles. It’s anything but a straightforward race as some trucks do various tricks like, reverse somersaults and slides; getting the crowd more excited to watch. This racing typically has two events namely, the race and the free-freestyle competition. In Monster Truck Racing, two trucks rush to the end goal on independent tracks in each round. On the other hand, Freestyle Racing includes the driver giving a show comprising of tricks like backflips, wheelies, and bouncing over obstructions.

Off-Road Racing

Off-Road Racing is led in rough terrain conditions, for example, sand, mud, riverbeds, snow, or other natural landscapes. Vehicles utilized in this sort of racing are from different classes like production vehicles, trucks, and bikes. It is a type of motorsport comprising of exceptionally altered vehicles that are capable of performing well in rough terrains. It highlights proficient off-road drivers and racing groups.

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